About Us

About Fan Boy Radio

We want to revolutionize the quality of your entertainment

Fanboy radio provides the latest hits on the radio. We feature contemporary rock music, r&B, and hip hop. Our viewers are excited by the commentary analysis and the instant news presented by the station.

Once you tune into our radio, it isn’t easy to go anywhere else. Our Facebook and Instagram fan pages have grown so rapidly that we have become an internet sensation.

Live Music Entertainment

Enjoy the latest live music from our in-house DJ. The DJ also explains the lyrics and what people are saying about that song online.

Comprehensive coverage area

Our transmitter is one of the most recognizable things in Georgia. It has an operating power of 25,000 watts.


We bring you the latest breaking news in politics, finance, and celebrity gossip. This information is read every 30 minutes.

Fan Boy Radio

The best online radio

We are an online radio station based in Atlanta, Georgia. You can get us on 102.9 FM in Atlanta and 98.3 FM in other parts of Georgia. The metro Atlanta administration licenses us. We started as a Christian contemporary station, but we have since branched out into other genres.


Fan Boy radio was founded in the year 2000. The founder used to work at West Atlanta radio station. He realized that the West Atlanta managers were reluctant to introduce innovations such as online broadcasting. As a result, he launched Fan Boy radio in 2000.

Innovation and accuracy were at the forefront of Fan Boy radio from the start. The radio welcomes upcoming music artists. We were among the first people to play music from artists who went on to become global Superstars.

What We Do

We are a radio station located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our primary focus is to provide entertainment and news to our viewers. While other stations are afraid to innovate, we have been at the forefront of broadcasting innovations for the last two decades. Our year-to-year audience growth has been at more than 50%. We believe that when information is presented accurately and in an entertaining way, it can captivate individuals. That is why our news is read in between the latest music hits.


What listener say about us

Our viewers are excited by the commentary analysis and the instant news presented by the station.

This is one of the best radio stations in Georgia. Their music is top notch and their DJ knows how to select the best entertainment.

Morgan Trustin


I am a night shift nurse who would like some entertainment during my work hours. When I stumbled upon Fan Boy radio, I was immediately captivated. Their presenters are funny and entertaining.

Natacha Sulivan


I’m a hip hop fan with a keen eye on the latest hits. I’m glad that I can count on Fan Boy radio to find the best hits in the market and play them for me.

Edward Gordon