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We bring you the latest breaking news in politics, finance, and celebrity gossip. This information is read every 30 minutes.

Live Music Entertainment

Enjoy the latest live music from our in-house DJ. The DJ also explains the lyrics and what people are saying about that song online.

Music Recording

If you think you have what it takes to record a new song, you should come to our studio. We will help you to record the song. We will also give you tips on how you can promote it.

Parcel Shipping

We have many bureaus across Georgia. Although these bureaus are primarily used for news reports, they also serve as shipping warehouses. You can send a parcel from any of our bureaus to a location within Georgia.


Our radio is listened to by more than three million people every month. This is a wide audience that a business should take note of. We can advertise your products or services to people across Georgia.

High signal


Our transmitter is one of the most recognizable things in Georgia. It has an operating power of 25,000 watts.

latest hits

Celebrating with friends on an ultra modern radio entertainment

Fanboy radio provides the latest hits on the radio. We feature contemporary rock music, r&B, and hip hop.

Group of friends going to summer music festival

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Other things about our services

The radio welcomes upcoming music artists. We were among the first people to play music from artists who went on to become global Superstars.