Top Products You Can Market on Fan Boy Radio

Fan boy internet radio offers access to specific market segments. Unlike print or TV, radio broadcast marketing reaches target consumers at specific times during the day or night.

Radio marketing campaigns incorporate smart placement of interesting ads, audience research and may reach more audiences other than on-air listeners.

You can reach local customers and prospects through radio advertising. The platform can also help your small business to reach prospects with unique interests such as sports or classical music.

Revenue from radio advertising, according to the Radio Advertising Bureau, continues to grow, with digital radio ads showing the strongest growth rate.

You can promote products that interest the audience of Fan Boy Radio. Local businesses, according to Online Publication Inc., can promote their products and services on radio. They include the following businesses:

  • Hairdressers
  • Auto dealers
  • Plumbers
  • Banks
  • Retailers
  • Electricians

A typical radio commercial includes a reference to your local presence in any given local town or city. For example, “available in your local shop.” You must also describe your products or services using long tail keywords such as “emergency plumbing parts and services in downtown Georgia.”

Here’re some interesting products you can market on internet radio to reach a wider audience:

  • Inflatable pet collars

Pet owners need collars to restrain their dogs or cats during travel or sleep. Inflatable pet collars protect the face of pets from injuries. It can also help them recover faster post injury.

If you retail pet collars you can reach the audiences of Fan Boy Radio who keep pets, with your range of pet products, including pet collars.

With pet owners having an ever-increasing need to keep their furry friends safe, you’re likely to make sales through radio advertising.

  • Child wrist leash

Many women risk losing their kids when they go shopping in malls. A child wrist leash was developed to help women stay in sight of their young ones at the shopping mall.

The wrist lash features a strap to wrap around your kid’s wrist to know their precise location at all times. American women have a tendency of visiting malls with their kids, making them a major audience for this product.

Google Trends shows that wrist leashes for kids are popular among parents, especially moms who love going shopping with their young ones. Promote them during holidays over internet radio to reach women across the U.S. or regions with a Fan Boy Radio reception.

  • Health products and supplements

People care more about their health and thus what goes into their mouths. Consumers increasingly opt for healthier choices when making purchases.

Sell supplement over internet radio to help individuals nourish their bodies with the right nutrients. For example, the Perfect Keto allows for weight loss with greater ease. Similarly, ketone supplements have a good reputation for effective results.

  • A car phone holder

Technology has made life easier for everyone. Smartphones allow drivers to get directions to their destinations. However, it’s risky to drive while using your smartphone because it can lead to distracted driving, resulting in fatalities.

A car phone holder can hold your smartphone firmly to allow for safe driving even as you use your device. Promote this product on radio to reach more prospects and generate increased sales. This is despite your store being a general or niche (car-centric) shop

This important car accessory drives exponential growth in the mobile-first world. They’re in high demand and will continue to do so. Most radio audiences listen to their favorite stations while driving, making broadcast marketing a perfect way to reach a wide audience with your products.

  • IP camera for home security

Internet cameras, known as security cameras, are continuously in high demand. They enable homeowners to watch captured footages from their phones. Promote your IP cameras online to reach a wider audience with the need to keep their homes safe and monitor them while away.

With a high demand for home security and thus IP cameras, you’ll be helping your customers to secure their homes.

  • Laptop accessories

More and more people own laptops. And, with more individuals working from home in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for laptops and their accessories is high. Accessories range from those that can connect computers to TVs using HDMI cables to skins for customizing laptops.

Sell accessories for laptops over internet radio to specific target audiences working from home. What’s more, you’re likely to make good sales because the demand for such accessories continues to grow.

  • Furniture for dining room and kitchen

Clutter in homes results due to many reasons. Firstly, lack of the right furniture for work from home can leave your space disorganized and unsightly. The right furniture keeps countertops and dining tables clutter-free.

People who listen to radio programs make up the market segment in need of the right furniture to meet their unique needs. The right furniture separates individuals’ personal life from work life when working from home. It creates a boundary between the two areas of life.

Dining room and kitchen furniture are increasingly on demand across various market segments. Versatile, multipurpose furniture are key when it comes to keeping spaces purposeful, organized and appealing. You can promote all kinds of furniture over internet radio.

  • Flexible garden hoses

Available in varied lengths to support flexible use, garden hoses support car washing and watering of gardens. As a bestseller, this product targets a wider range of audiences, making it ideal for radio advertising.

The trend of using garden hoses continues to grow. Start marketing your products in spring to prepare for use in summer. Sales peak in summer when the product finds use.


Fan Boy Radio is an internet-based radio station that covers many regions in the U.S. and across the world. Radio advertising allows small businesses like yours to promote your products and services. Ranging from supplements to garden hoses, you can promote almost anything over the radio.